Welcome to Harrington's Big Backyard

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know anything about science or nature. How will I know what to say?

No prior knowledge is necessary! We will tell you everything that you need to know in order to lead the walk. You will be given advice on how to present material, and suggestions on how to deal with reluctant students. If you like to work with kids, this is an EXCELLENT opportunity to interact with them. The rewards are sure to be terrific!

What happens when the weather is bad?

It is up to the classroom representative and the teacher to reschedule the walk if there is inclement weather. Click here to see the list of classroom representatives and their e-mail addresses.

Is there a cost involved with the Big Backyard?

No. The Big Backyard program is sponsered by the Harrington PTA.

What should my child wear on a walk?

How can I volunteer?