Welcome to Harrington's Big Backyard
picture of plant

Take a walk through a Kindergartener's Eyes

Kindergarten walks are based on environmental awareness through the senses. They help to forge an attitude of respect toward the environment, each other and themselves as learners. Kindergarteners use four senses: seeing, hearing, smelling and touching, to observe and share their observations of seasonal changes.

Please check the walk calendar and the grade coordinator or classroom representative for details of when each walk takes place. Walk leaders should remember to recite Harrington's Big Backyard Mantra before each walk.

Fall Walk

Observation of the schoolyard using sight, hearing, smell and touch. Examination of plants and plant parts. Leaf comparison. white pine in winter

Winter Walk

Use senses to observe seasonal changes and compare with fall. Observe signs of animal activity and examine snow and ice. Observe tree buds and learn about tree growth.

Spring Walk

Use senses to observe signs of spring and compare with fall. Discover the changes in plants. Use senses to observe signs of spring. Observe tree buds and discover why wild flowers and trees change. Discover the connection between flowers and seeds.

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